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  • - Direct Backup (encrypted)
  • - Disaster Recovery
  • - 24/7 Monitor and 1st Responder
  • - Business Associate Agreement
  • - HIPAA Trained Staff & Policies

Hipaa Data Storage done the right way…

Hippo strives to be your compliance partner in an ever changing regulatory environment. The landscape of healthcare is constantly shifting and requires more and more every day from physicians and their practices.We have the tools to implement a data backup and disaster recovery solution that is cost effective, simple and is compliant with HIPAA and other federal regulations.

And more importantly, we have the technology to store your DICOM images direct from your machines…

Even If You DON’T Own a DICOM PACS!

DICOM Image Storage


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Here are some facts taken directly from current legislation:

  • Data backup of ePHI is mandatory under the law. “Data backup plan (Required). Establish and-implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information.” (45 CFR §164.308(7)(ii)(a)
  • A disaster recovery plan is required with “procedures to restore any loss of data.” (45 CFR §164.308(7)(ii)(b))
  • The penalties for non-compliance are sever, and can reach up to $1.5 million in cases ofwillful neglect (42 U.S. Code §1320D-5). Even in cases where HIPAA violations occur due toreasonable cause the fines are still $50,000 per violation with an annual maximum of $1.5million (42 U.S. Code §1320D-5).
  • Business Associate Agreements are required between the data backup company and the covered entity (45 CFR §164.314).
  • All data must be encrypted. Therefore it doesn’t fall within the definition of unsecured protected health information (45 CFR §164.402) and is further protected from the breach notification section of the rule (45 CFR §164.402-410).

From corporate to small practice…

Backup & Recovery

Secure, compliant, scalable enterprise-class healthcare data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services from healthcare data experts…

Safe & Secure

Our data centers employ an aggressive security strategy, taking physical security as seriously as cyber security…

Client Support

Our support team is always available. We’re here to help! From the start to the implementation & beyond…

Hipaa Compliant Data CenterThe Fort Knox of Data

The facility that houses the Hippo Data Storage Center is safely situated 140 ft above sea level, with the first data floor at 148 ft above sea level, well above the flood zone.

Safe, secure and with 24 hour monitoring.